War History Institute was established in 2018 to research sites, historical events and personalities relating to past wars in the Asia Pacific region. 

The War History Institute has five (5) objectives:

  • To research, explore and preserve historical war sites;
  • To promote military history tourism;
  • To study strategies used in past wars;
  • To study the role of intelligence and its application in past wars; and
  • To study the significance of politics in creating wars and achieving peace.

The War History Institute is managed by a Research Director and guided by a Council of Fellows who are distinguished in their own right either as a military historian or who had participated in a historical war event.


Dennis Weatherall

Senior Fellow and Military Historian who served with the Royal Australian Navy for 38 years.

Tan Sri JJ Raj Jr

Fellow and former Commissioner of Police who served as the OCPD during the Bukit Kepong Incident in the Malayan Emergency

Rear Admiral Guy R. Griffiths


A Fellow of the Institute. Former Flag Officer Naval Support Command and Chief of Naval Personnel, Royal Australian Navy. RADM Griffiths had served on board the HMS Repulse (WWII) and had participated in the Korean and Vietnam War.

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